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homemade ice cream flavours

We've been making our own ice cream since the Spring of 1985, which means we know a thing or two about how to serve up the creamiest, best tasting scoops in the city!

We start with only the finest quality ingredients. We don't use an item simply because it's convenient or because it's the most affordable option. Each ingredient is, without a doubt, the BEST available! During the selection process, we'll shortlist dozens of options for taste-tasting. Then, we'll choose only the best tasting, freshest and most natural ingredients to add to the fresh cream that arrives in our store throughout the week.

Because we make each batch daily in small quantities, the ice cream you enjoy is fresh - it hasn't been sitting in a freezer for weeks or months.  And that's a difference you can taste!

We offer an excellent selection of classic flavours, with a few unusual combinations to keep it interesting. Choose from 24 delectable flavours in our cabinet and watch for seasonal favourites during the different holiday seasons!

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