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frozen yogurts + Sorbets

Our homemade frozen yogurt is a delicious alternative to our homemade ice cream, and is made fresh in our store throughout the week.​ At just 120 calories per scoop and only 3% butterfat, you can indulge in this creamy treat while still watching your waistline.


Like our homemade ice cream, our frozen yogurt is made using only the finest ingredients. From the real lime zest you see throughout our popular "Key Lime Pie", to the the actual bananas we fold through our "Banana" flavour, we think that our pure and natural ingredients will change how you think about frozen yogurt.

​We rotate through 10 different frozen yogurt flavours, with 6 fantastic flavours available in our cabinets at any time.

Our FAT FREE sorbets are often compared to gelato but have ZERO fat!  Light and refreshing, this dairy-free treat is made right in our store using pure and simple quality ingredients. Our sorbets are ideal for customers who are lactose intolerant. 

​We offer a selection of classic sorbet flavours - from our signature "Mango Raspberry" to our perfectly tart "Lemon" (with freshly squeezed real lemon juice and zest!), we offer two options at any given time in our store.

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